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Our students learn to be indispensable resources to their company through proven practices from real-world success. We offer courses in leadership, finance, communication, acquisition, program and project management, and IT.

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Ruble Henderson

Steven W. Holden

Each year, billions of dollars in contracts are set aside for small businesses, women, minorities, and veterans.

And yet, like you, we are frustrated by how difficult the government makes it to start doing business with them.

That’s why we’ve spent the last 39 years collectively working to improve communications and processes between government officers, small business owners and veterans. With decades of experience in government contract development, acquisition, negotiation and financial management, we know what it takes to help move you through this process smoothly so you can increase your chances of closing more revenue and consistent cashflow for your business. Let us help you submit an effective proposal and give you a clear roadmap to win your first federal contract with confidence.

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