Land Your First US Government Contract With Confidence.

We partner with contractors and veterans to navigate the intimidating process of acquiring a federal contract.


Applying to be a federal contractor can be confusing and downright defeating.  You are dealing with:

The Government

Enough said. This means navigating through a sea of bureaucracy and a convoluted registration process. 

Confusing Terminology

The federal acquisition process is littered with foreign acronyms and terms making it difficult to understand the world of government contracting.

Competitive Territory

Given the volume of applicants and pricing pressures for the best bid, the whole process can feel daunting and unattainable.

You don’t need to navigate through this complicated process alone. 


At Digital Horizon Services, we clarify everything you need to know about bidding and winning your first US government contract. 

A few things you will learn...

  • How to submit an effective proposal
  • How to navigate discussions with the government
  • Understanding what the contracting officer is looking for in your application
  • How to acquire relationships that make you stand out against other vendors and contractors
  • How to represent and certify yourself/your business to show compliance with laws and regulations
  • How to have an advantage over your competitors

We Got Your Back.

We offer consulting, training and certification courses to guide you through the application and acquisition process from start to finish. 

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Meet Your Instructors

Ruble Henderson

Steven W. Holden

Each year, billions of dollars in contracts are set aside for small businesses, women, minorities, and veterans.

And yet, like you, we are frustrated by how difficult the government makes it to start doing business with them.

That’s why we’ve spent the last 39 years collectively working to improve communications and processes between government officers, small business owners and veterans. With decades of experience in government contract development, acquisition, negotiation and financial management, we know what it takes to move you through this process smoothly so you can increase your chances of closing more revenue and consistent cashflow for your business. Let us partner with you to submit an effective proposal and give you a clear roadmap to win your first federal contract with confidence.

About Ruble & Steven

Your customers are also our students. 

We also work with Government Acquisition professionals on development, procurement, finance and regulations.

Here's what they have to say about us:



Best instructor and class I have ever taken in thirty years.  I cannot wait to take his next class.



An instructor who truly cares about his students. He is at the top of his game.



He is able to take difficult topics and make them common sense. Great learning environment!


Get the support you need to close your first government contract sooner rather than later.

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